Our Artisans

All-a-Glow Artisans of Sedona is a boutique gallery / gift shop that features over a dozen local high quality, established artists who are well known in the community. You’ll find a variety of artwork at All-a-Glow Artisans of Sedona, including paintings, photography, Navajo art, copper & artistic jewelry, metal art, fabric art, pottery, crystals, lavender products, and more. Everything in this rustic, earthy and elegant shop is handmade by local artisans.




Marilyn Bradford, Lavender Skin Care Products

Sedona Lavenders started in 2009 as a simple idea for me to enjoy my retirement and grow something special, following in my fathers family tradition of farming in Kansas for many generations. My love of nature brought me to this beautiful location in Sedona, a destination that I had been coming to since the 70’s. When I first saw my current property it was love at first sight. A small cottage on 1.25 acres, Oh, the things I could grow here!

I decided on growing Lavender as it is a drought resistant plant and would be the perfect choice for Sedona’s arid high desert. It took three years to get a good crop to take to local farmers markets and a lot of days working up the nerve to show up at the markets as I had never done anything like this before. Starting only with fresh bundles of Lavender and a few Lavender Sachets that small market brought me full circle to where I am today.

Having made lotions and potions when I was in high school the idea to do that once again was an idea that just kept growing until currently have nine different products that are always evolving into something new but the core products all remain the same containing beneficial ingredients from all over the world and always lavender is the star.

Eddie Diaz - Graphic Artist

Clarissa Spense - Gourd Artist

Mario Jimenez, Mata Ortiz Pottery

Lydia Johnson, Sunray Catcher Artist

“I have always loved searching for stones and shells as long as I can remember. It’s from a place of Love, wonder and happiness that I create Sunray Catchers. As I assemble the treasures I find, I imagine the energy of the stones and shells reaching out to the one who resonates with them. Each one emanating a specific vibration of positive and life affirming energy! May everyone see and know that the colors of rainbows are always surrounding you!”

Blessings, Lydiadelaluz, Sunray Catcher Artist

Michael & Glow Mendoza, Jewelers

Michael & Glow Mendoza are a husband & wife team.  They were born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA. They have known each other since they were ten years old.  

Glow has six generations of family in Santa Barbara, CA.  Her great grandmother was Chumash Native American.  Her grandmother taught Glow how to weave baskets with natural reeds and palm leaves from the California coast.  Several of the weaving techniques used in their jewelry designs originated from baskets.  

Upon retiring, they relocated and purchased their home in beautiful Sedona, AZ.  Glow is a retired Cosmetologist/Salon Owner.  She owned and operated a salon spa in Santa Barbara, CA. for twenty five years.   It was a natural transition working with hair styling tools to using jewelry-making tools.  Her experience with color and design significantly influenced the color combinations in the jewelry.  Glow is a natural artist.  Using her hands and creating beautiful, unique jewelry is sheer joy!

Michael is a retired commercial driver.  He discovered his artistic ability while in retirement.  He always had an artistic nature and a keen eye for design.  Michael also has an appreciation for nature (i.e., natural stones and pearls).  His acute business sense and creative ideas has significantly contributed to the success of our jewelry business.  His quick wit and superb people skills make our business a lot of fun!

Michael Reese, Cairn Garden

Virgil Nez, Navajo Artist

Virgil Nez currently resides on the Dine Bekayah (Navajo Reservation), which is located between the four sacred mountains within the boundaries the Four Corners.  His formal training led him to architectural and design studies at Mesa Community College, and then to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration and painting from Northern Arizona University.  Since his graduation in 1991, painting in pastel, watercolor and oil has been his calling.  In a realistic style, her began exhibiting his work and winning major awards at Indian Art Markets all over the Southwest.

He has currently shifted to an impressionistic or pointillist style, which continues to garner awards and accolades. With a visual mind, and a lifetime of images and imagination upon which to draw, he awaits a vision to emerge….maybe a sound, a smell, a feeling in the air will call up something in his memory and compel him to put it on canvas.

“The hectic world is the enemy of patience”.  “I have the worst patience, but art calms me.  When I am painting, I can’t think about time or deadlines.  I must wait for the image—the spirit of the piece to reveal itself.  I am painting through the hands of my ancestors, and I must paint slowly to have the spiritual connection with the work.”  Many viewers of his paintings have sufficiently keen perception to see hidden figures “ghosted” in his paintings.  His contemporary paintings cover a wide range;  Navajo women representing his memories of his grandmother, landscapes and hogans, shape-shifting characters, Native Aliens, Olympian Yei Figures, and the occasional mystical figure snowboarding or surfing.  And then there are the teepees.  Nez is a ceremonial chanter in the Native American Church.  The teepee is the sanctuary of the church.  Spiritual beings, the Yei’bi’chi, shown in some paintings represent the images the people inside the teepees are seeing in their minds.

Alan Rios, Metal Artist

Alan Rios has been an artist for twenty years.  He began his artistic journey as a pin stripe painter in Washington State and Southern Calif.  He later developed an interest in fused glass and presently works with metal.   All three techniques evolved into what he now creates beautiful metal art wall hangings & sculptures.  Each piece has a name with a special meaning and message.  He sells his metal art throughout Arizona and the Southwest at premier art shows.  Alan has a passion for personal growth and finds ways through his creations to express what’s important to him.  His workshop is based in the Phoenix area.

Miles Roberts, Ceramic Artist

Born and raised in the Southwest United States, Miles Roberts has lived most of his life in Arizona. After earning a Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture, Miles worked in pottery studios in and around the Phoenix area where he was able to develop his own techniques and designs to produce new and unique, signature collections of fine art pottery. Miles is inspired by ancient American pottery designs and rock art as well as the diverse beauty of Arizona landscapes and wildlife.

Miles handcrafts every work of art personally.

Guy Schmickle, Photographer


Guy’s interest in photography took hold in 2001 when he bought his first digital camera. Already an avid outdoorsman, he quickly discovered a passion for nature photography and immersed himself into self-study of both the technical and artistic aspects of the craft. Eventually, his work transformed from simply recording nature for his own enjoyment to creating works of art in an effort to bring awareness of this great land we live in to a much larger audience.

In 2007, Guy took a leap of faith and relocated from the Upper Midwest to southwest Colorado and finally Sedona, Arizona. Upon embarking upon this journey, he gave up a long career in the software development industry to forge a new one as a professional photographer. He traveled the west and immersed himself in the wondrous and diverse landscape that uniquely defines this part of the country. Eventually, he found his work being represented by several art galleries and published in magazines, calendars, and a wide variety of advertising materials. Guy is a regular contributor to the Arizona Highways family of publications, including their award winning magazine, calendars and nature guides. Other notable clients include Backpacker Magazine, The Wilderness Society, AAA, Smith-Southwestern Publishing, Colorado Life Magazine, and many others. For those who desire to view his work in the form of fine art prints, Guy exhibits his work at various art festivals throughout Arizona.

Kenyon Taylor, Painter

I moved to Sedona in 1994 and have been steeped in its energies for almost 30 years. It’s home on a deep cellular level. I love being an artist and have been one all my life. I adore the learning, the challenges, the victories and hope some of this shines through my pieces.

By using the layered vibrancy and physics of color my intention is to create art that expresses being…evoking a personal connection and emotional response from the heart. My paintings – benevolent, inter-dimensional beings and animals slowly emerge of their own will, after weeks of guiding my hands to bring themselves into our world. They feel like Guardians.