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Michael & Glow Mendoza, All-a-Glow Artisans of Sedona, Boutique Gallery Owners

Glow and Michael

Michael & Glow Mendoza are a husband & wife team.  They were born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA. They have known each other since they were ten years old. 

Glow has six generations of family in Santa Barbara, CA.  Her great grandmother was Chumash Native American and she taught Glow how to weave baskets with natural reeds and palm leaves from the California coast.  Several of the weaving techniques used in their jewelry designs originated from baskets. 

Upon retiring, they relocated and purchased their home in beautiful Sedona, AZ.  Glow is a retired Cosmetologist/Salon Owner.  She owned and operated a salon spa in Santa Barbara, CA. for twenty five years.   It was a natural transition working with hair styling tools to using jewelry-making tools.  Her experience with color and design significantly influenced the color combinations in the jewelry.  Glow is a natural artist.  Using her hands and creating beautiful, unique jewelry is sheer joy!

Michael is a retired commercial driver.  He discovered his artistic ability while in retirement.  He always had an artistic nature and a keen eye for design.  Michael also has an appreciation for nature (i.e., natural stones and pearls).  His acute business sense and creative ideas has significantly contributed to the success of our jewelry business.  His quick wit and superb people skills make our business a lot of fun! 

How to find us

Our address is: 6657 Hwy 179, Village of Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona

Get in Touch

Call Us: 928-925-2973

Email Us: allaglow62@gmail.com

Hours of Operation

Tues – Sat: 10am to 5pm

Closed Sun & Mon

Interested in becoming an All-A-Glow Artist?

Our new Boutique Gallery, “All-a-Glow Artisans of Sedona”, is located in the Vista Village Shopping Center, the gateway to Sedona.  It’s a prime location, with high volume traffic and catering to a high-end clientele.  Our target market is the seven million tourists who visit Sedona yearly, who appreciate handcrafted, quality, one-of-a-kind artwork.

Michal and I are customer service-oriented people who have a combined forty years retail/service ownership experience.  Our business philosophy is, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  We believe in a “win-win” business collaboration.  Working together as a creative team will offer a unique environment to showcase art in a community that has a constant flow of tourists from all over the world.  We’d like to offer you an opportunity to display your art and prosper with us!

We have a limited amount of retail space.  Artwork will be juried and selected with the utmost care, displaying art that resonates with our theme and target market.  The theme is rustic, earthy elegance. 

We are enthusiastic and optimistic about our new business venture.  Please contact us for an Artist Application/Info Packet at:  allaglow62@gmail.com or, call us at 928-925-2973 for more information.